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About Fertilizer Canada

Marketing Guide

The need for sustainable agriculture is at the forefront of conversation now more than ever. This marketing guide will help you and your employees communicate the vital role that fertilizers play in creating sustainable agriculture to feed the future.

The Canadian Fertilizer Industry Quiz

Fertilizer Canada has created the Canadian Fertilizer Industry Quiz as a fun and interactive way to promote facts about our accomplishments as a celebration of Global Fertilizer Day.

Take and share the quiz below with your social networks by copying the link provided:

Create your own user feedback survey


Include the hashtags #FertilizerDay and #4R in social media posts leading up to and on Global Fertilizer Day. Also, be sure to follow, tag and retweet @FertilizerDay and @FertilizerCA.

Suggested Twitter Promotion

#DidYouKnow food production will have to increase 70% by 2050 to feed a world population of 9.7 billion? #4R #FertilizerDayWidespread adoption of agricultural technologies and #fertilizer has lifted billions out of poverty and famine. #FertilizerDay
In 1960, one hectare of land fed two people. In 2025, one hectare of land will need to feed five. #sustainability #FertilizerDayPlants need a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium to grow. Fertilizer can give your lawn the nutrients it needs. #GreenerWorld
Canada is a leader in sustainable farming – see how #4R #FertilizerDayFertilizers help farmers maintain healthy and fertile soils around the world, to learn more visit

Fertilizer Proud


Fertilizer Canada is encouraging members to tell their personal stories about working in the industry. Using the hashtag #FertilizerProud, this campaign is a way for our industry to celebrate the many reasons why we should be proud to work in fertilizer.

Print out the quote bubble, in a few short words describe why you are #FertilizerProud, take a picture and share with your social network. 

Download printable quote bubble directly below:

#FertilizerProud quote Bubble : PDF


(Provided by Global Fertilizer Day)

Download all the logos directly below:

Logo green with grass: PNG
Logo green without grass: PNG
Logo white with grass: PNG
Logo white without grass: PNG


Download the poster directly below:

Poster English : PDF
Poster French: PDF


Download the Banner directly below:

Banner English : PDF
Banner French: PDF

Download the Email Banner directly below:

Email Banner English : PDF
Email Banner French: PDF


Economic Facts (Fertilizer Canada) : PDF

4R Nutrient Stewardship (English):  PDF

4R Nutrient Stewardship (French): PDF

Greenerworld (Fertilizer Canada): PDF



Including visual resources like posters, infographics and videos in social media posts can help increase visibility. Share these videos in your Global Fertilizer Day posts to help spread the campaign’s message.

Find out more

Click the links below to find out more about how your company can celebrate Global Fertilizer Day.

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