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About Fertilizer Canada


Our commitment as the unified voice of Canada’s fertilizer industry is to promote the safe, responsible, sustainable and globally competitive fertilizer production, distribution and use by:

  • Maintaining industry competitiveness.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of our products.
  • Taking a lead on fertilizer application regulations.
  • Leveraging federal funding for programming.
  • Leveraging educational opportunities.
  • Setting new standards for our products.
  • Setting new performance standards for greenhouse gas and air quality.
  • Building a positive reputation of our industry.

Fertilizer Canada’s Board of Directors has established clear requirements that every member must abide by as a condition of their membership. The initial requirements are in compliance with:

  • The Ammonia Code of Practice;
  • The Agricultural Ammonium Nitrate Code of Practice;
  • The Agricultural Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Security Code of Practice;
  • The Fertilizer Canada Policy on Melamine;
  • The Competition Guidelines; and,
  • The Code of Conduct

Over time, additional conditions of membership will be established as other codes of practice and policies are approved. The establishment of such membership requirements is consistent with Fertilizer Canada’s commitment to product stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

Click to view the Business Principles and Code of Conduct, Competition Guidelines or Bylaws.