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About Fertilizer Canada

Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum

Fertilizers and supplements are primary determinants of crop yields and soil health. Agricultural producers in Canada spend $2.6 billion on fertilizers and supplements each year, more than on pesticides, seeds, fuel or any other crop inputs. The prosperity of the agriculture and agri-food industry in Canada is dependent on producers’ timely access to safe and effective fertilizers and supplements. The current regulatory system has served the industry well by ensuring a science-based and consistent regulatory environment for fertilizers and supplements and by supporting the principles of safety for all products. However, current government policies and regulations can be improved to better meet the needs of agricultural producers, industry, and other stakeholders in Canada. Increasing consumer interest and concern over food safety and the environment requires better communications regarding the safety of fertilizers and supplements to agricultural producers and civil society, including the urban audience.

The Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum (CFPF) was created in joint partnership with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), to act as a consultative body to provide the framework for consultation, resulting in strengthened coordination among federal departments and agencies, increased transparency, and improved stakeholder engagement in the regulatory process. The Forum aims to deliver high quality, safe products to market, offering a broad range of solutions to nurture plants and the soil.

CFPF Vision
Fertilizer and supplement stakeholders have an established framework from which they can participate, provide feedback and consultation so that the regulatory system is fully modernized and ensures users that fertilizer and supplements in Canada are globally competitive and that users have access to new products in a timely manner.

CFPF Mission

  • Improve the efficiency of the Canadian regulatory system and policies for fertilizers and supplements to encourage innovation, economic and environmental sustainability and international leadership;
  • Enhance the reputation of the industry and public confidence in its products via communications to a broad range of stakeholders;
  • Plan for the future by analyzing emerging opportunities, new technologies and strategies on how agricultural producers can remain competitive.

CFIA Webinar on proposed changes to the Fertilizers Regulations

The CFIA held webinars for employees, fertilizer businesses and industry associations to provide an overview of key elements of the proposed changes. The recorded webinar is available via the Webex site – play recording.