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Ammonium Nitrate Code of Practice Amendments

Fertilizer Canada has finalized a number of minor amendments for implementation within the April 2016 Revision of the Agricultural Ammonium Nitrate Code of Practice (AN Code).

The AN Code came into force December 31, 2015, requiring all members of Fertilizer Canada who store, distribute, handle or sell agricultural ammonium nitrate to achieve certification through an audit verifying compliance with the AN Code requirements. During the course of its first audit cycle, a number of requirements within the AN Code were brought to the attention of Fertilizer Canada requiring further clarification to ensure standardized interpretation. Fertilizer Canada and its Working Groups have analyzed these areas of interest and have amended these sections to address the feedback received.

Please Note: The amendments to the AN Code are meant to further clarify its requirements and the changes do not trigger a re-audit for a facility during this cycle.

A full overview of the changes made can be found here. Or visit the Ammonium Nitrate page on our website.