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About Fertilizer Canada

Fertilizer Use Survey: Building a Database of Fertilizer Management Practices

Fertilizer Canada is improving the Canadian agriculture industry’s ability to report on sustainable nutrient stewardship practices. By linking commercial interest in the food sector, 4R Nutrient Stewardship can capture market opportunities arising from the food industry’s demand for information on how their food is being grown.

With the Fertilizer Use Survey, led by Pulse Canada, Fertilizer Canada is providing key information on crops and fertilizer practices as they relate to 4R Nutrient Stewardship. The survey aims to build a national database of fertilizer management practices from 2014-2018, including source, rate, time and place of fertilizer applications, general fertilizer practices, and demographics. Since the survey was developed in 2014, 1,940 growers nationwide have participated. The survey captured fertilizer use trends in 2014 for corn, soybean, canola, spring wheat and pea production; and corn, soybean, canola, winter wheat and barley production in 2015.

See the Fertilizer Use Survey here.