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Ammonium Nitrate Code Audit

The Agricultural Ammonium Nitrate Code of Practice applies to all agri-retail facilities in Canada that transport, store, handle or sell agricultural ammonium nitrate. The Ammonium Nitrate Code of Practice parallels existing Federal regulations pertaining to ammonium nitrate in which agri-retail sites in Canada must be compliant with. Audits will assist agri-retailers in reaching compliance by identifying deficiencies in a proactive manner, allowing for correction before there is a regulatory or safety concern.

What happens if I do not get my facility re-audited?

If you do not get your facility re-audited before year-end, certifications will be withdrawn until your facility has completed an audit. We may also notify applicable authorities that your site is no longer certified and there may be a regulatory compliance issue. Fertilizer Canada members must be certified as compliant with the Agricultural Ammonium Nitrate Code of Practice as a condition of membership.

In addition, an administration fee of $500.00 will be required to re-activate your certification status. Delaying re-certification to the following year will not extend the normal re-audit period.

AWSA Code Auditors:

To schedule an audit, please contact your region’s Code Auditor, listed below.

For specific questions concerning the auditing process, please contact the AN Code Project Manager, Anthony Laycock at 1-866-311-0444 or by email at

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