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Safety & Security

Anhydrous Ammonia First Responder Training

Anhydrous Ammonia First Responder TrainingFirst responders know better than anyone the importance of being prepared. Although a release of anhydrous ammonia is rare, safely responding to such an incident requires specialized knowledge. But for first responders who often have irregular schedules, acquiring the necessary information and skills can be a challenge. Fortunately, first responders can now learn everything they need to know about anhydrous ammonia quickly and easily.

Fertilizer Canada offers a comprehensive training module on anhydrous ammonia for first responders.

The course will teach first responders how to:

  • Identify anhydrous ammonia’s basic properties and its uses
  • Respond to an incident
  • Perform first aid in the event of anhydrous ammonia exposure
  • Establish emergency plans

Resources and Materials:

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