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Safety & Security

On Guard – Ammonium Nitrate Safety & Security Information

On Guard informs users of ammonium nitrate about safe and secure on-farm use, and agri-retailers’ role in maintaining a secure and controlled storage facility.

As a farmer who handles ammonium nitrate should:

  • Understand the security measures required to prevent the theft and tampering of ammonium nitrate
  • Report any incidents (including attempted theft) and report them immediately
  • Understand that unauthorized reselling of ammonium nitrate is strictly prohibited
  • Know your agri-retailer’s role in ensuring safe and secure storage of ammonium nitrate
  • Know that your agri-retailer has the responsibility to ensure the right amount of product is going into the right hands

Please report any suspicious activity to the RCMP National Security Information Network at 1-800-420-5805.

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