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About Fertilizer Canada

Trade in North America between Canada, the United States and Mexico

On Sept. 20, Senior Vice-President Clyde Graham presented to the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade on the importance of free trade with the US and Mexico to the fertilizer industry and our farm customers.

Reinforced by Graham’s presentation, Fertilizer Canada’s submission to the Committee on International Trade makes three major recommendations to be included in NAFTA negotiations:

  • Protect the interests of farm customers across North America who depend on cost-effective fertilizer products by maintaining or improving integrated supply chains with United States and Mexican markets.
  • Support science-based regulatory harmonization and cooperation by modernizing customs procedures and expanding the range of skilled workers for free movement within NAFTA.
  • Maintain and adopt provisions to protect fertilizers and chemical commodities in NAFTA. A full list of Fertilizer Canada’s recommended provisions can be found within our submission.

Click here to read Fertilizer Canada’s full submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade.