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Making a Difference

To enhance the global competitiveness of Canadian farmers and the fertilizer industry, Fertilizer Canada works with the federal, provincial and municipal governments on a wide range of policy issues. Given the nature, scope, and international reach of Canada’s fertilizer industry, there are many areas where policy decisions can impact the sector.

Fertilizer: An Industry that Works for Canada
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Advocacy - Environment

A Positive Impact

The fertilizer industry takes seriously its responsibility as stewards of our soil, air and water. Sustainability can be achieved by balancing economic, social and environmental goals.

Fertilizer Canada’s members have been proactive in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Technological investments and process improvements have resulted in a significant reduction in emissions levels since the early 1990s.Further reductions are possible on the farm where fertilizer products are applied. Fertilizer Canada has developed the 4R Nutrient Stewardship system (Right Source @ Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place®) and subsequent Nitrous Oxide Emissions Reduction Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on farms while utilizing our vast retail networks.

Canada’s fertilizer industry also seeks to ensure that our lakes and waterways remain drinkable, swimmable and fishable. Our industry is science-based and committed to research and innovation to ensure environmental stewardship when products are being used.

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From A to B. Efficiently.

Our members’ customers are farmers; delivering fertilizers to them in a timely and efficient manner is critical to helping them feed the world.

Canada’s fertilizer industry is dependent on rail and truck to move product to domestic, United States, and offshore markets. In fact, two-thirds of member production is transported by Canada’s railways and making the fertilizer industry the third largest customer of Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CP). An efficient railway system is key to continuing the competitiveness of Canada’s fertilizer industry.

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Advocacy - Transportation

Safety & Security

Advocacy - Safety & Security

World-class Codes of Practice

Safety is at the core of the fertilizer industry’s operations, from production to loading and unloading of transportation containers. Through an effective combination of world-leading industry Codes of Practice and government regulation, the fertilizer industry promotes the safe and secure manufacturing, handling, storage, transportation, and application of commercial fertilizers across their life cycle.

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Nutrient Stewardship

Making it right

Fertilizer Canada promotes the voluntary adoption of 4R Nutrient Stewardship (Right Source @ Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place®). Fertilizer retailers and farmers across Canada have adopted this framework to achieve cropping system goals and demonstrate enhanced environmental protection and improved sustainability, helping to maintain our soil, air and water.

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Advocacy - Nutrient Stewardship


Advocacy - Economics

A key player in the Canadian economy

Fertilizer is the most important input for crops grown in Canada and around the world. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers are globally traded commodities, accounting for 12 percent of the global supply last year. Canada is also the largest exporter of potash at approximately 45 percent of the global trade.

The fertilizer industry faces strong competition for investment. Maintaining favourable economic conditions is critical to the industry’s continued success in Canada.

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Proactive innovation

The regulatory system has ensured a science-based regulatory environment for fertilizers and supplements. Recent advancements in innovative fertilizer and supplement technologies require the continued monitoring of both safety and efficacy to meet the needs of industry, agricultural producers and stakeholders.

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Advocacy - Products