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Liquid Storage Guidance

The Canadian fertilizer industry is committed to improving safety and minimizing the environmental impact of its products. Although incidents involving accidental release of liquid fertilizer are rare, historical incidences of storage tank and containment failures have resulted in significant liability costs to the property owner, fertilizer supplier, and industry for emergency response, environmental assessment and remediation, environmental regulatory fines, as well as negative impacts to the industry’s public perception.

As an industry association that works to advance the safe, secure, and sustainable use of commercial grade fertilizer, Fertilizer Canada’s safety stewardship programming is paramount. The Liquid Fertilizer Storage Guidance document is part of Fertilizer Canada’s best-in-class safety stewardship program, Fertilize S.A.F.E.  The program works to educate, enable, and empower those in the fertilizer supply chain through the use of industry enforced codes of practice, educational resources, and training tools. Fertilize S.A.F.E. helps define safety and security for all industry players.

Adoption of consistent best management practices for liquid fertilizer storage at facilities across Canada will help raise the bar on safety for Canada’s fertilizer industry by:

  • reducing associated risks with accidental release of liquid fertilizer from storage tanks by mitigating the associated environmental risk, economic liability, and safety risk; and
    • reducing regulatory risk by demonstrating proactivity by the industry and therefore maintaining license to operate.

The Liquid Fertilizer Storage Guidance document covers best management practices for bulk liquid fertilizer (including UAN 28-0-0/32-0-0, ATS 15-0-0- 20, APP 10-34-0, and other liquid NPK blends) stored in tanks at agri-retail/distribution facilities and on-farm in Canada. The guidelines cover tank characteristics, storage.


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