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Safety & Security

Ensuring public safety of fertilizer products through compliance and enforcement of standardized product handling procedures.

Safe. Secure. Sustainable.

Fertilizer Canada promotes the safe and secure manufacturing, handling, storage, transportation and application of commercial fertilizers thereby protecting employees, transportation workers, first responders, farmers and the general public from risk due to accidental release, environmental emergency, or criminal misuse of fertilizer products.

What is Fertilize S.A.F.E.?

A best-in-class safety stewardship program, Fertilize S.A.F.E. works to educate, enable and empower those in the fertilizer supply chain. Through the use of industry enforced codes of practice, educational resources and training tools, Fertilize S.A.F.E. helps define safety and security for all industry players.​

What are the 4 pillars of Fertilize S.A.F.E.?

Standardized Codes of Practice
Accessible Industry Resources
Focused Industry Education
Early & Enforced Industry Adoption

Innovative Research. Collaborative Planning.

Fertilizer is food for plants and imperative for growing healthy food for Canadians. Without fertilizer, global food production would be approximately half of current levels. To feed the projected global population in 2050, we will need to increase food production by approximately 70 percent. The world relies on the safe and responsible distribution and use of fertilizer products to meet this demand.

Fertilizer Canada promotes the safe and secure manufacturing, handling, storage, transportation, and application of commercial fertilizers. The Canadian fertilizer industry is widely viewed as a world leader in fertilizer safety, with industry-leading, world-class Codes of Practice. Our practices are continuously reviewed to ensure we remain responsible in our procedures and practices.

Safety & Security eLearning

Fertilizer Canada’s Safety and Security training courses provide fertilizer industry employees the necessary tools and education required for product safety…

Standardized Codes of Practices

Ensuring fertilizer safety requires standardized Codes of Practice and a coordinated effort among all industry stakeholders.

Accessible Industry Resources

Browse training resources for Fertilizer Canada’s ongoing safety initiatives and world–class training programs.

Focused Industry Education

Browse Fertilizer Canada’s ongoing safety initiatives and world–class eLearning courses.

Early and Enforced Industry Adoption

Early & enforced adoption is key to ensure safety remains top-of-mind for all industry players. The Fertilize SAFE program closely monitors industry compliance.


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