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Nutrients For Life

A registered charitable organization committed to bringing educational materials to the classroom, focusing on soil science and agricultural sustainability.


Fertilizer Canada is a strong supporter of Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada. Together, educators, community groups, scientists, and representatives from the agricultural sector produce and distribute educational materials to meet Canada’s school curriculum needs with science-based content of the highest quality.

Through its educational resources and programs, Nutrients for Life addresses food security and soil health by working with Canadian educators to ensure the resources meet the needs of teachers and students. To validate its pedagogical value, the foundation’s educational materials were reviewed by the Smithsonian Institute, the world’s largest research organization, and museum complex.

Nutrients for Life supports the sustainable use of nutrients to increase the health and quality of our soil, improve production of nutritious food, and preserve green spaces.

Regional Managers

Regional Managers are dedicated individuals who educate students through an interactive curriculum which addresses the role plant nutrients play in sustainable modern agricultural practices. Regional Managers adapt, develop, and maintain Canadian science-based curriculum and other learning materials to educate students on the importance of soil health and agricultural sustainability. Regional Managers also impact Canadian schools and communities by acting as a resource centre of knowledge regarding nutrient use and the science behind food production.

Learning Gardens

Learning gardens are outdoor, educational environments where students discover soil science and agricultural sustainability through hands-on practice. With learning gardens, students explore how modern agriculture, gardening, and plant growth play a valuable role in food production, health, and sustainability.

Learning gardens have the added benefit of physical activity, building environmental awareness and stewardship skills, and fostering collaboration, teamwork, and leadership in the community. Gardens also provide experiential learning that ties into existing curriculum subjects, such as chemistry, biology, math, social studies, and history. Gardening brings these subjects to life, helping students discover how they fit together.

Incorporating learning gardens into Canada’s education system allows students and teachers to connect with the surrounding community, and nurture engaged citizens who are passionate about the impact of food security and global issues through effective and experiential science-based learning opportunities.


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