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Prince Edward Island

The PEI 4R Certification standards were developed by a Certification Working Group and Steering Committee to create a set of standards representative of PEI agriculture, landscape and nutrient loss pathways of concern. The standards are reflective of the best available science, technology and regulatory requirements for PEI conditions. The goal of the program in PEI to is to:

  • optimize crop nutrient availability and uptake to improve crop production and soil health;
  • create long-term positive impacts on water bodies associated with agricultural production areas, including the reduction of nutrient loss to ground and surface water sources to help meet water quality standards;
  • encourage sharing on the most up-to-date information for ways to reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • help the agricultural sector adapt to new research and technology in the area of nutrient stewardship

PEI receives 100 percent of its drinking water from groundwater, making it unique compared to other regions. An important component in protecting PEI’s drinking water source is sustainable nutrient management planning. Managing crop nutrients properly offers both economic and environmental benefits to producers and to the rest of society. The efficient use of nutrients from commercial fertilizers, manure, or other sources reduces input costs for crop production and minimizes the risk of nutrient losses to ground and surface water sources. The industry recognizes the potential for regulations, the importance of environmental stewardship and its role in ensuring the proper use of fertilizer.

Follow these steps to become 4R Certified in PEI

1. Learn More About 4R Certification

4R Certification is a voluntary program designed to allow agri-retailers in PEI to align their business practices with the sustainability principles of 4R Nutrient Stewardship, as verified by a third-party of 38 auditable standards

PEI Standards Manual

2. Gather the Required Evidence for Your 4R Certification Audit

The below resources will help you organize for your 4R Certification Audit and become 4R Certified.

(link coming)

Supporting documents referenced in the summary will be provided upon request

3. Book Your 4R Certification Pre-Audit

Fertilizer Canada and the Agri Chemical Standards Association (AWSA) provided a free, half day pre-audit to each PEI agri-retail company. The pre-audit is a training session that goes through the 38 standards in PEI to ensure that the agri-retailer is prepared and as successful as possible during their full 4R Certification audit.

To inquire about a 4R Certification Pre-Audit session, please contact McKenzie:

McKenzie Smith

4. Schedule Your 4R Certification Audit

Now is the time to schedule your official 4R Certification Audit – the last step to becoming 4R Certified!

Auditor Postcard (link coming)

4R Nutrient Stewardship on Prince Edward Island


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